MT8B 86mm Tower Light Steady LED

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MT8B3BL-RYG 3 Colour 86mm Tower Light Steady 120V LED

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MT8B3BL-RYG 3 Colour 86mm Tower Light Steady 120V LED

  • Prism-cut lenses for superior light distribution
  • Mounting: Surface, pole or wall mount
  • One to five light stacks
  • Colors available: blue, clear, green, red & yellow
  • IP 56 / UL NEMA 12, 3R
  • Screw terminal or wire leads

Add B for Steady Light

For Number of Stacks select 1: 1 Light, 2: 2 Lights, 3: 3 Lights, 4: 4 Lights, 5: 5 Lights

For Power Supply, select A:24 VAC/DC, B: 110-120V AC, C: 220-240 VAC

For Connection add L: Lead Wires

For Lens Colors, select: As shown from the schedule. Please specify color of the

lens required in the customer comments box during check out

Additional information

Select Lens Diameter


Select Number of Stacks

A….3 Lights, B….2 Lights ( -US $38.09), C….1 Light( -US $76.19), D….4 Lights(+US $38.11), E….5 Lights(+US $76.21)

Select Power Supply

A….24V AC/DC, B….110-120V AC

Select Connection

L….Lead Wires

Lens Colors

Specify color of the lens

Add Plastic Base with Pole

A..None, B..MAM-B090 base(+ US $4.85), C..MAP-0022 pole (+US $3.75), D..MAP-0240 pole (+ US $10.49), E..MAM-B090 with MAP-0022(+US $8.60), F..MAM-B090 with MAP-0240(+US $15.34)

Add Bracket,Threaded Pole

A..None, B..MAM-DS25 bracket ( + US $6.46 ), C..MAP-M043 threaded pole ( + US $9.6 ), D..MAP-M240 threaded pole ( + US $18.65 ), E..MAM-DS25 with MAP-M043 ( + US $16.06 ), F..MAM-DS25 with MAP-M240 ( + US $25.11 )

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