PTE 56mm Tower Light LED Modular Steady & Flashing

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PTE-AF-302 3 Colour ?56mm Tower Light LED Modular Steady & Flashing

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PTE-AF-302 3 Colour 56mm Tower Light LED Modular Steady & Flashing 24V AC/DC

LED modular components

Bright & even light distribution through prism-cut lenses

Fast & easy assembly with inter-locking construction

3 base body options

Optional 85dB Buzzer (fixed or adjustable volume)

NEMA 4x / IP65 rated

RoHS compliant

Additional information

Select Number of Stacks

A….3 Lights, B….2 Lights ( -US $41.25), C….1 Light( -US $81.13), D….4 Lights(+US $41.25), E….5 Lights(+US 86.62)

Select Power Supply

02?.24V AC/DC, FF…..90-240V AC(+US $13.75)

Lens Colors

Specify color of the lens

Add Plastic Base with Pole

A..None, B..MAM-B070 base(+ US $3.07), D..MAP-0240 pole (+ US $10.49), F..MAM-B070 with MAP-0240(+US $13.56)

Add Bracket,Threaded Pole

A..None, B..MAM-DS25 bracket ( + US $6.46 ), C..MAP-M043 threaded pole ( + US $9.6 ), D..MAP-M240 threaded pole ( + US $18.65 ), E..MAM-DS25 with MAP-M043 ( + US $16.06 ), F..MAM-DS25 with MAP-M240 ( + US $25.11 )

Add a Buzzer

A…..None, B…..MPZ-56F Fixed Level (+US $31.55), C…..MPZ-56G Adjustable Level (+US $37.06)

Select Body Unit

A…..Pole Mounting

Select Light Style

F……Steady & Flashing Light

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